From Ultraman to Visiting Chiang Mai: Rapport Building in and out of classrooms

From Ultraman to Visiting Chiang Mai: Rapport Building in and out of classrooms 
The connection between students and teachers is undoubtedly special, and in this episode of Unee-Verse, we’ll share some heartwarming stories that we’ve collected from our teachers. 
To Teacher Jessica, it’s key to make her lessons fun. She achieves such by “becoming” Ultraman and engaging her students to learn. It was a bit awkward at first, but they connected very quickly, and have shared many smiles and created many memories together.

Teacher Amanda shares that she used different kinds of trucks as her reward system to attract her student Zhang Jinyou, who’s easily distracted. She has used these props so often that she thinks of him every time she passes any construction sites. 
Like them, kind Teacher Kasey found an excellent way to communicate with Dora in class, too. After she learned that Dora loved cats very much, she created a Hello Kitty reward for the little girl! Dora was so happy that she wore her Hello Kitty shirt to match in one class. 

Of course, communication and rapport-building is a two-way street. For students, they show their love for teachers in often candid ways. 
The 4-year-old student of Teacher Karen made huge progress: the child was too shy to speak anything at first, yet in one of their recent classes together, she said, “I love you, teacher” loudly and clearly. Karen’s heart? Melted.
Chris is an active and bright student of Teacher Melinda. Although only three, he’s got a ton of hobbies, and calls Melinda “Super Linda.” Imagine how much the little boy must look up to her!  All of the rapport-building shows how your effort to communicate and connect with students does not go unnoticed. 
There are countless other moments like these: Teacher Erica celebrated her student’s birthday, Teacher Danielle joined Sharon for a trip to Chiang Mai (virtually), and Teacher Marjorie witnessed how her student lost her baby teeth. 

There are difficult moments too, such as when Teacher Bridget saw Dora in a hospital bed. She prayed and worried about her. 
Most magically, for some teachers,  looking at their students is like greeting their younger selves. Teacher Dominique truly feels that Ella is much like she was as a child. She showers Ella with compliments and praises, because Dominique is always proud of her. Their close relationship makes the physical distance between China and the United States seem so trivial.

In Chinese, these moments of interactions are called “缘分,” which loosely translates to “fate” or “meant-to-be.” These moments, in addition to warming the hearts of families and teachers, also make home office staff members feel that our jobs are making impacts in the world.
We hope you enjoyed this episode, and we look forward to seeing you again soon in our Unee-Verse!  

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