Call For GOGO Moments: We want to hear your stories with GOGOKID students

We know that our amazing GOGOKID teachers love their students. So many special moments happen in class.
We would love for you to share those moments with us and show off just how caring and wonderful GOGOKID teachers really are, as well as how talented and adorable GOGOKID students are!


If your story is chosen to be used, it will be featured to students and parents. We will also give a Unee doll or a Chinese Style Unee Blind Box to both the student and the teacher!

How to participate:

Comment under our facebook post for GOGO Moments or send us an email with the subject “GOGO Moments” at

If it’s a moment happened in the classroom, please send us the story, the class ID, estimated time (we need to know when the story happened, like xx minute xx second) and we will find that video clip.

Where could your video be shown?

  • Teaching supporters (CT) and Sales’ wechat moments
  • GOGOKID Wechat Official Accounts
  • Weibo (Chinese version of twitter)
  • Tiktok (Chinese version)

Examples of #GOGOMoments:

  • Sharing a birthday song with your student
  • Celebrating a milestone moment, such as finishing a level
  • Sharing about your lives and building connection
  • Celebrating a job well done
  • Working hard to complete a difficult learning task
  • Celebrating a holiday or festival
  • More Heart-warming stories……

We can’t wait for you to share these special #GOGOMoments with us!

Here are some video examples which were already featured by Chinese Teachers and the GOGOKID marketing team.


  1. Only contracted GOGOKID teachers are eligible for this activity. 
  2. This is a long-term activity. You can submit your stories at any time. 
  3. Entries that contain any elements from our competitors will be disqualified from the activity.
  4. The content of the entries must be positive and uplifting in nature. Any picture that GOGOKID deems to be negative towards the company, other teachers, cultures, races, or individuals will be disqualified from the activity. 
  5. Participants agree to grant GOGOKID all necessary rights including but not limited to intellectual property rights and portrait rights to exploit the video(s) they submitted for marketing, advertising, and promotion purposes.
  6. GOGOKID reserves the right of final interpretation for this contest.

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