Benefits in GOGOKID

Hello Teacher!
Congratulations on joining GOGOKID! We are so happy to welcome you to our team!

Did you know that, in addition to all of the laughs and smiles you’ll get from your adorable students, there are also some other really cool benefits to being a GOGOKID teacher?

Below you can find the details regarding some of the exciting new things that are available to you right now!

1. Periodic Incentives and Promotions

In addition to our Credit Score Incentive, where teachers can earn up to an additional $2.50 per class based on their teaching history, GOGOKID also periodically offers additional incentives as well. 
Some of the common incentives offered include:

  • Referral Incentives
  • Peak Time Incentives
  • Holiday Incentives
  • Raffles and Drawings
  • Spin-the-Wheel Drawings

You can find details on all of the currently offered incentives by checking out our Weekly Update.Here is the most recent one:

2. GOGOKID UNEE Coin Planet

Here at Unee Coin Planet, you can earn Unee coins by completing our Unee Coin Missions and then you can redeem the for cool gifts, including printable flash cards, printable reward systems, our beloved Unee dolls, and many other prizes. 

Unee Coin Planet makes activities more fun, more rewarding and easier to join. We look forward to having you here! Come and build your own Unee Coin Planet!

3. GOGOKID Academy

Here in the Academy, we have designed a training roadmap based on the “big data” collected from the performances of thousands of teachers to match your possible needs, which you can access through the section, “Recommended for you”.
If you want to explore further, you have unlimited access to our learning resources on various aspects, ranging from policy breakdowns and platform tutorials to easy-to-use teaching tips and self-study material such as model class recordings for different levels after navigating through the Academy Phases 1 to 3. 

4. Featured Opportunities 

Tell us your heart-warming stories with your students or send as a video about yourself and you will have a chance to not only be featured, but to also win some GOGOKID swag!

Check the following two activities to learn more about it:

Call For GOGO Showtime Video: More Featured Times, More Bookings

Are you a teacher who is looking for more bookings and regular students? Show off in our #GOGOShowtime, and gain popularity among our students and parents! You could read a book, dance, sing or even just teach some simple words. Prize: If your video is chosen to be used, it will be featured to students … More

Call For GOGO Moments: We want to hear your stories with GOGOKID students

We know that our amazing GOGOKID teachers love their students. So many special moments happen in class.We would love for you to share those moments with us and show off just how caring and wonderful GOGOKID teachers really are, as well as how talented and adorable GOGOKID students are! Prize: If your story is chosen … More

5. GoGoKid New Baby Gifts 

Hey, new mommy or daddy! Congratulations on the arrival of your new little angel!GoGoKid wants to send you a small gift as a blessing. 
Want to know how to receive it? Please refer to the link below.

6. GoGoKid Happy Wedding Gifts

Hey, newlyweds! Congratulations on your happy union!GoGoKid wants to send you a small gift as a blessing. 
Want to know how to receive it? Please refer to the link below.

7. Fun Activities on GOGOKID’s Facebook Page 

GOGOKID Facebook Page:

GOGOKID Teachers Facebook Group:

By joining our GOGOKID Facebook Pages, you will have the chance to win GOGOKID swag through fun activities and Facebook Live events!

Follow our Facebook page and join our GOGOKID Teachers (Official) Facebook group to get the latest information and for chances to earn GOGOKID swag!

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