FALLing in love with GOGOKID

GOGOKID teachers can teach many classes a day. The classes are fun and the teacher and student both leave happy. But then there are the moments that you know will stick with you forever. Sometimes an exchange is shared that affirms the love between student and teacher. 

We asked teachers about some of their most prized classroom moments, and we’d like to share them with you!

Teacher Robin FYR and her student, Becky usually send hearts at the end of a lesson as a way to show how much they care for each other. But at the end of one lesson,  Becky said, “I like your class.” It was a really special moment because it was the first time that Becky expressed her feelings openly! Teacher Robin FYR said her heart melted at this show of sentiment. 

Sharing and coming together to celebrate special moments creates strong bonds between teachers and their students. The connections built across the world enhance the lives of both student and teacher. Things like singing a birthday song and blowing out a birthday candle will warm any heart. Teacher Sarah JA shares a  special relationship with her student, Karlie. Responding to a compliment in class, Karlie said, “You are amazing, Sarah! Wonderful Sarah!” Not surprisingly, Sarah loves Karlie very much. “I hope every teacher with GOGOKID has, or finds, their very own Karlie. In almost every class I have with Karlie, she makes my heart want to burst.” 

Teacher Sarah JA is especially good with building rapport with her students. Gordon, who advanced from K1 to K2, received a personalized certificate in class. Recognizing hard work and achievement makes students feel proud. In another class, Teacher Sarah JA made the lesson come alive through extension. After telling Bofeng an American joke, Teacher Sarah JA carefully explained the joke, leaving him so glad that he could understand why the joke was so funny to his teacher. What a lovely moment of cultural exchange! 

Other great ways to build rapport revolve around sharing interests with each other! Lisa and Teacher Dana XXF found out that they both have the same stuffed animal. Even the parent was amazed by this coincidence! How sweet to see such a strong connection made all the way across the world. These small similarities help make the world feel more like a community.

What if the student has a very specific interest that the teacher wants to share? Well, Teacher Jilian ZHK embraced Kim’s love for animals by creating a classroom reward that allowed Kim to earn nuts to feed his toy squirrel. Teacher Jillian ZHK’s careful attention to Kim’s interests helped him to find a way to connect that may have otherwise been missed. Now everytime Kim does great work in class, he is not only rewarded for his effort, but reminded of how much his teacher loves him.

Our amazingly talented and clever students have many different interests. Dudu loves “Frozen” so much that she played the song, “Do you wanna build a snowman?” to Teacher Kendra NIA in class so they could sing together. Teachers find it very touching when students share things they love with their teacher. 

Sometimes bonds are formed when two people work together to overcome obstacles! When Amber had a particularly difficult lesson with Teacher Yvette XIX instead of feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, Amber had the support of her mom and Teacher Yvette XIX to give her the courage to succeed. When Amber was able to read the dialogue independently, Teacher Yvette XIX felt a swell of pride for her hardworking student because they had reached this accomplishment together!

Teacher Alma WY loves to help her students make connections between the lessons and their real lives. She did just that with Suzy, whose dad had recently taken her fishing. She was so excited to talk about fishing with Teacher Alma WY that she saved the fish to share in class! Even when she was having fun with her dad, Suzy was still thinking about how the teacher that loves he so much.

Some students have better memories than others! Kiki remembered something that Teacher Jodi HIY had said to him, and he repeated it verbatim back to her in a future class! She made such an impact on her student that it lasted well into their future classes. Teachers, like Jody HIY, work hard to make a lasting impression that will carry their precious students well into the future.

Are you a GOGOKID teacher that has shared a special classroom moment with one of your students? We’d love to hear about it! By simply sharing your experience with us, you will have the chance to win a Unee toy for both your student as well as yourself! Answer the Call For GOGO Moments today!

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