Treat 3: Fang-Tastic Extra Referral Incentive

As part of our Halloween Extravaganza, we are excited to offer a Fang-Tastic Extra Referral Incentive from Oct 20th-Oct 31st. This is a fun and easy to earn incentive!
Here’s how it works…
All you need to do is share the provided recruiting poster on the social media platform of your choice to the public to earn a $1.00 incentive. Receiving at least 10 likes will earn an additional $1.00, taking the incentive earnings to $2.00 simply for sharing the poster
Here are some recruiting posters and words that participants could use.
In order to participate, teachers need to follow 2 easy steps.  

  1. Teachers should share one of the posters along with a few words.
  2. Teachers should register their participation by filling out the Google form and submitting a screenshot of their post by October 31, 2020.

Additionally, teachers will earn an extra $5.00 incentive for every valid referee sign-up during this incentive period (from Oct 20th-Oct 31st). 
Any teacher who receives their very first valid referee sign-up with GOGOKID during this incentive period will earn an extra $10.00 incentive
Below is a summary of the three types of incentives offered:

Also, don’t forget about the awesome incentives we’re currently offering candidates and regular teachers as well!

So, what are you waiting for? 
Earn extra treats by inviting all of your fang-tastic friends to join the fun at GOGOKID today!

Learn more about our All Treats and No Tricks Halloween Extravaganza

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