Treat 4: Be-Witching Video Contest

Did you know that GOGOKID has 2 ongoing promotions…

Click the picture to learn more

Click the picture to learn more

Both are exciting activities that teachers can participate in at any time, but this October we’re putting a fun new spin on these two activities by putting out a call for your best Halloween related videos and heart-warming moments with our…
Be-Witching Video Contest (Oct. 21-Nov.4)

While you are welcome to share non-Halloween related videos or moments for this incentive, sharing something Halloween related may increase your chances at being chosen!

What should you share?

  • Video of you singing a Halloween song, reading a Halloween-themed book, or teaching a Halloween-themed sentence
  • Sharing a song with your student
  • Celebrating a milestone moment, such as finishing a level
  • Sharing about your lives and building connection
  • Celebrating a job well done
  • Working hard to complete a difficult learning task
  • Sharing Halloween related content, props, or rewards
  • More Heart-warming stories……

How can you enter?

Send us an email with the subject “Be-Witching Video Contest” at before Nov. 4th, 2020.
If it’s a moment happened in the classroom, please send us the story, the class ID, estimated timestamp of the clip (like xx minute xx second) and we will find that video clip.

Where could the video or story be featured?

  • Teaching supporters (CT) and Sales’ wechat moments
  • GOGOKID Wechat Official Accounts
  • Weibo (Chinese version of twitter)
  • Tiktok (Chinese version)

What can you win?

If your video is chosen to be used, it will be featured to students and parents.

Additionally, you will also receive the GOGO SWAG (a Unee doll, a Unee Blind Box or a GoGo T-shirt) item of your choice, PLUS GOGO SWAG sent to your featured student on your behalf!
So what are you waiting for? Round up those aorable and Be-Witching classroom moments today  and start sharing them!

Learn more about our All Treats and No Tricks Halloween Extravaganza

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